General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions

Valid as of November the 1st, 2018.

These general terms and conditions are agreed in the first part by ORECA, company with capital of EUR 2,091,320 with registered office at Parc d'activités de Signes, Avenue de Rome - BP 706 - 83870 Signes, listed on the Toulon Trades and Companies Register under the number 302 045 794, hereinafter referred to as "ORECA", and in the second part by any natural person or legal entity making a purchase on its website, , or by any other method, hereinafter referred to as "the customer".
Oreca-Store is licensed to represent Renault Sport for its online business. As such, Oreca-Store holds all rights necessary to market and distribute Renault Sport products on its website,
In the absence of any special written agreement, all orders shall as of right constitute acceptance by the buyer of our general terms and conditions stipulated below. These terms and conditions are subject to change. The applicable conditions shall therefore be those in force on the website on the date of purchase.


1.1 A purchase is completed upon receipt of the order by our team.


2.1 Prices are based on our current price list at the time of purchase. These are expressed in Euros including VAT and excluding delivery costs.

2.2 Prices stated in our price lists and catalogues are ex-factory prices and may be amended without notice.


3.1 Technical and visual specifications provided in our literature are for information purposes only and may be subject to change without notice.

3.2 ORECA reserves the right to cancel a recorded order containing items that it has modified or discontinued, unless the customer gives its consent to change the order.


4.1 Items are judged to approve and authorize for dispatch from our warehouses.
4.2 Upon delivery, customers are responsible for ensuring that items are in good condition before taking them into their possession.


5.1 Where the agreed price exceeds the statutory limit, ORECA undertakes to deliver the item within four months of the date of the order, subject to effective completion by our supplier.
5.2 Should the delivery time exceed the aforementioned four months, the customer may cancel the order and obtain a full refund by contacting customer services upon expiry of the four-month period:

  • By telephone : +33 (0)483 248 334
  • Via the customer account area at
  • In writing, clearly stating the wish to cancel the order, to the following address:
    RENAULT SPORT at ORECA - BP 706 - 83030 Toulon Cedex 09, France


6.1 In accordance with Article L. 221-18 of the French Consumer Code, customers, acting in the capacity of consumer as defined in the introductory article of the consumer code, have fourteen clear days to return an item in its original condition to ORECA for an exchange or refund without penalty. Return fees shall however remain the responsibility of the customer. No items will be accepted, exchanged or refunded beyond this time limit. In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 221-28 of the French Consumer Code, no returns will be accepted for special or personalised orders, items not kept in stock or items that have been specially ordered.

6.2 The customer may exercise its right to cancel:

  • By telephone : +33 (0)483 248 334
  • Via the customer account area at
  • In writing, clearly stating the wish to cancel the order, to the following address:
    RENAULT SPORT at ORECA - BP 706 - 83030 Toulon Cedex 09, France

6.3 No returns will be accepted without an acceptance number allocated by our after-sales team after a request has been reviewed. Section 1 of the return slip (top section) must be placed on the outside of the return parcel, with section 2 (bottom section) placed on the inside. Returns which do not state or make reference to the return slip number allocated by our teams will not be processed and will be made available for you to collect at our warehouse.

6.4 If the item is not returned in its original condition and with its original packaging, we reserve the right to withhold a minimum of 20% of the item price to cover the cost of warehousing, packaging and/or reconditioning.


7.1 ORECA provides a statutory guarantee against hidden defects in accordance with Article 1641 of the French Civil Code. The customer therefore has a period of two years from discovery of the hidden defect to give notice of any reservations by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


8.1 Items and merchandise are payable at the time of order.

8.2 Payment may be made by credit card, PayPal and by cheque.

8.3 For orders placed by correspondence (e.g. mail, telephone, online), items shall be dispatched once payment has been made.

8.4 All amounts paid by the buyer at the time of placing the order shall be understood by the parties to be deposit.

8.5 Should the company allow an alternative payment method under exceptional circumstances, items and merchandise shall be subject to reservation of ownership until payment has been made in full for the cost of goods plus fees and additional charges. In the event of non-payment on any one of the agreed payment dates, the seller may invoke the condition subsequent without prejudice to the immediate transfer of risk to the buyer when taking delivery of items and merchandise.
8.6 No discounts will be granted for cash payment or for payment prior to the scheduled payment date. In the event of payment delays beyond the due date, late payment fees shall be applied at one-and-a-half times (x 1.5) the statutory interest rate (French Law No. 921442 of 31.12.1992).


Pursuant to French Law No. 80.335 of May the 12th, 1980, we retain ownership of goods and merchandise, the subject hereof, until payment has been made in full for the cost of goods and additional charges. In the event of full or partial non-payment on the due date for any reason whatsoever, we reserve the right, by express agreement and without formality, to take back physical possession of such goods or merchandise at your own cost and risk. In the event of a dispute, the Commercial Court of Toulon (Tribunal de Commerce de Toulon) has sole jurisdiction over sales to business customers.


In accordance with the Freedom and Information Act of January the 6th, 1978 and with the EU regulation 2016/679, named General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access, amend, oppose and delete your personal data.

Any customer may take steps to prevent the circulation or disclosure of its name and address to other companies or associations. In order to access, amend or delete data, or to prevent their communication to third parties, customers should write to the following address: RENAULT SPORT at ORECA - BP 706 - 83030 Toulon Cedex 09, France, stating their full name and address.


11.1 For any dispute arising between Oreca and the buyer who, consistent with the definition given in the introductory article of the French Consumer Code, operates in a professional capacity, the Commercial Court of Toulon shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

11.2 For any dispute, and in accordance with Article L.211-3 of the Consumer Code, any buyer operating in a personal capacity as defined by the Consumer Code may opt to pursue consumer mediation through a mediator, an updated list of which can be obtained by the buyer from Renault Sport customer services on request by calling +33 (0)483 248 334 or by email to,
Contact us: or by telephone at +33 (0)483 248 334

11.3 Applicable law for disputes

The language for this agreement is French. These general terms and conditions are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.